Marriage was Born

On December 2011, after typing FADE OUT on my Final Draft, I pour myself a glass of mulled wine and close my eyes in quiet satisfaction. The play had evolved into a screenplay and all the endless possibilities of plots and answers were alive in to one solid story that had in its core one universal question: what is the price of love?

If we had enough to shoot we had enough to make it. You see I’m (certainly) blessed to be married to a forward-thinking genius VFX supervisor/cameraman who by his sheer existence and relationship to me saves the movie thousands of pounds. What Paul can do ‘for free’ in his office at home is what other directors’ nightmare of a checkbook would look like.

So taking advantage of all that was offered, Paul and I and our two young boys sat down and discussed the possibility of ‘making a film this year’. The younger one, Rafi, 4, asked about swords, knights and fights while the older one Daniel, 12, asked about whether he could be in it. Then Rafi wanted to be in it. Then Daniel was so happy he wanted to tell the world. Then Rafi wanted to ask his friends. Throughout the night the excitement kept peaking until past midnight where I closed their bedroom doors and Paul and I knew we had our allies. Sorting babysitting was the next step. We tentatively scheduled September/ October for the shooting providing all was going to run by the clock.

Two days later ads appeared at Casting call pro.


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