More awards and accolades for Marriage

Latest Festival News for Marriage

Since our last update we've been traveling the world supported Marriage at film festivals. From Thessaloniki to Jaipur, India to LA. The latest list of awards are:

10th Jaipur Internation Film Festival

Won Japiur Critics Award, Best European Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Sound Design and Editing and Best Actress. We were honored to be at the festival and can easily say that it was a wonderful experience with film lovers who truly believe in the power of film for social change.

Mindfield Film Festival LA

Based in the heart of LA we were honored by Best Feature Film (Diamond), Best Director (Diamond), Best Cinematography and Best Visual FX.

Accolade Global Film Competition

Awarded us Best Woman Filmmaker and Film Feature prizes.

Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival

As touched on before we won Best Drama, Best Score, Best VFX, Best Cinematography and Best Woman Filmmaker and Best Actress.


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